7 notes for Customers start on using products
01Use regularly and continuously product in minimum 8 to 12 weeks to feel clearly the changes.
02Swallow 03 talets with lots of warm water, never chew.
03Use consistently product every day in the morning after waking up or in the evening before sleeping.
04Use product when you are hungry or nearly starving. Avoid use it after eating.
05Combine with moderate diet and exercise to optimize result.
06Please feel free contact with Customer Service if you have any questions.
07Use product with patient and always pay attention any changes in the body.
What is Lactoferrin GX?
Đăng Khoa
What is Lactoferrin in general?
Nguyễn Như Quỳnh
Does Lactoferrin have any side effect?
Trần Tiến
Can I take more than 3 tablets to get faster effect?
Phạm Thị Trang

Lactoferrin is an iron - binding protein with many effective functions that enhances metabolize nutrients to calories to strengthen antibody activities, reduce visceral, anti-aging, inhibit free radical cause oxygen cell. Over 4.500 articles of the research results and  11 international conferences on Lactoferrin indicate the important applications of Lactoferrin in life.

“In many years researching PharmaceuticsDich, I got to know Lactoferrin as a functional food meeting the standard of Japan Pharmacopoeia. Its difference from other lactoferrin product is the shellac film coat, which helps to incresease absorption of Lactoferrin in the small intestin. My health is considerately improved though I am now over 60 after using Lactoferrin GX” – said Mr. Nguyễn Danh Mâu - Pharmacist co-lecturer of Hanoi Pharmacy University.

The important health indexes you should know:




BMI = weight (kg)/(height)

19  –  21

Vòng bụng

<  90 cm (nam )

< 75 cm (nữ)

Huyết áp

<  140/90 mmHg


< 6,7 mmol/L

(121,8  mg/dL )


< 5,2 mmmol/L

(201,1  mg/dL )


< 3,2 mmol/L

(123,7  mg/dL )


> 1,3 mmol/L

(50,3  mg/dL )


< 1,7 mmol/L

(150,6  mg/dL )



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